This morning, I woke up to a frustrating email from the founder of Swamyamvarra Wedding Exhibition. It’s been almost two months since the show got cancelled, but the issue is still unsolved.

I got some answers and seen certain things, but I didn’t want to be unprofessional as my brand is involved in this matter. Not only that, it’s not my personality. It doesn’t suit my character and I don’t find the need to bring anyone down to make myself better. This is a bit different situation, but I’m still keeping my mouth closed. Why? I feel bad for the founder, but not in a good way.

I’m really frustrated hence why I posted on Instagram and it’s my first time. Argg! I don’t like to use my platforms to share negativity, but I was too quick today. Anyways, my husband is handling this case now and I think that’s the best as I’m tired of it. For me, it’s done and dusted.

I will remain calm and continue my journey.

Nivetha Vijay

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