Happy Sunday!

I’m back in London. We had a great time in Paris with the in-laws and it’s always special for us. You may wonder why? I met my husband in the city of love for the first time.

It was a very relaxing holiday with lots of fun and food. We managed to squeeze in some work and I had a shoot with the amazing Jean. The video came out really good! If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s on my Instagram.

It’s only a couple of days until Christmas. To be very honest, I’m not very excited this year and I don’t know why … I didn’t even bother to put up the Christmas tree. Anyways, I’m flying home to spend the time with my family. Yeey! Sadly, my husband is not coming with me due to work, but we are definitely going to spend the news years together in London. That’s our tradition!

Before heading home, I will be in Denmark for 2 days. I’m modelling for Aishu Ram and Velvetdreams photography. I’m excited and looking forward to working with them. I will keep you all updated.

Time for movie night with hubby. I will catch you all tomorrow …


Nivetha Vijay

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