Happy Sunday!

I hope you all are good.

We are in Barcelona. It’s a small treat from my husband.

We both have been busy with work and it has been overwhelming. I’m not going to lie, it has been tough. Therefore, we decided to put everything on hold and treat ourselves.

Nothing is more important than your happiness, right?

I’ll catch you all soon.💗

Lots of love,

Nivetha Vijay

I’m relieved.

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Hi loves,

I hope you all are good.

Just a quick update!

Guess what came in the post today? MY PASSPORT! YES. I didn’t realise the value of a travel document before a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, I’m relieved now.

It’s 10 days until our first fashion show in London. We are super excited! There are lots of work and preparations to do, but it’s fun! I started to film the behind the scenes today and hopefully, I will be able to share everything with you all soon.

I also have a shoot with a very famous photographer the day after the show. You must have seen his work on your insta feed recently… Can you guess who? .. I will reveal more in my next post.

Time to relax in bed with green tea. I’ll catch you all soon.


Nivetha Vijay

New journey.

A little sneak peeks of our new accessories. // www.loukiya.com

Happy Weekend!

I hope you all are good.

I have been working a lot lately with our business, which is under a huge transformation at the moment. Yeeeeey, finally!

I started Loukiya a year ago without any expectations, but I received a huge response from you all. Thank you!

We have tried a variety of styles, but I learned quickly what you all loved the most from Loukiya. To be honest, I always wanted to create something unique, but I didn’t have all the resources. I still managed to do a few collections with a hint of my style and between the gaps, I refilled the stock with other types of sarees.

After a good year, we decided to manufacture our own design. Yes! That means, we will not be doing any reselling items anymore, but I promise to bring something for you all. It may not be right away, but it will come step by step. We are also happy to introduce different sizes for all kinds of women, in all kinds of shapes. Yeyy!

We are currently working on a few collections and hope to launch it in the beginning of December. I will confirm the date before the end of this month!

I would like to thank each and every one of you, who has been part of our beautiful journey. Thank you all for the love and support.

I’m super excited and looking forward to bringing you all to our new journey.


Nivetha Vijay


Hey loves,

Finally, I put my Dubai experience together for you all.

Dubai has become a must-see destination. This Middle Eastern city with its spectacular skylines, amazing architecture, luxury, and tradition.

I was in Dubai in August with my lovely family. We stayed there for almost 6 days and it was definitely one of our best experiences till now.

Our hotel was in the famous marina district and we had the stunning views from our suite.
I loved waking up every morning to the blue sea, palm trees, and high buildings. It was just breath-taking!

We were only 15-20 minutes away from the attractions, which was good. Honestly, we stayed in Dubai for a couple of days, but we had the chance to explore a lot. As this was a family trip, we had to respect each other and we tried to do ‘’ something ‘’ for all of us. We started the journey at the city of gold and ended the holiday at The Atlantis Palm.

Overall, this was an amazing holiday and a much needed one! Apart from the boiling heat, we enjoyed every minute of our holiday.

I hope you will enjoy my mini Dubai guide!


Dubai Marina

View from our room 

We stayed at Dubai Marina with breath-taking sceneries. Ah! I loved taking my brothers out for night walks around the marina. Those long conversations about life .. Yes, it was a touching moment. * Sigh .. *..


Grand Mosque

We visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which was a pure dream. It was beautiful and magical. I loved every detail of this mosque.


Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the world

Dubai’s most iconic destination. The view from the top was spectacular and every second was enjoyable.

View from Burj Khalifa

Armani Hotel

A ‘’ few ‘’ floors down, you have the luxury Armani hotel. We enjoyed a good lunch and a cup of gold coffee with the amazing view of Dubai fountain.We had the chance to enjoy the water show from the hotel during daytime, but I have to say that it was more magical during the evening. It was very impressive!


Le Royal Meridien Beach

We took a small trip to the Le Royal Merdian beach, but it was way too hot. We went back to the hotel and spend a couple of hours at the pool. Haha ..


From the top

I got on a helicopter from Dubai Marina and enjoyed a 40 mins long tour around Dubai. It was truly an amazing experience with spectacular views from the sky.


Atlantis, The Palm

This luxury hotel is located on The Palm, a man-made island. This place reminds me of Disney. I don’t know why, but it’s magical.

We spent a good couple of hours here while waiting for my brother. He wanted to hire a Ferrari and drive around The Palm with a private chauffeur, which he got fulfilled.

I took the opportunity to explore the hotel and enjoyed our last dinner at the Atlantis before our flight back to Oslo.



THE SOAK – The city of gold

It’s Dubai’s old town. You can find lavish gold jewelry, fabrics, spices and traditional oud fragrances for good prices.

My mother loves gold and it’s not a secret. She spent a full day at the gold soak and I’m pretty sure it was heaven for her, but not for us. Me and my brothers were just sitting there for hours watching her. Fun, right?


One of the world’s largest malls. Dubai mall – a place like no other. You will find everything you need here. My favourite part has to be the fashion avenue. Gosh!

Armani Hotel 

Dubai Mall

To be honest, I thought shopping in Dubai would be reasonable, but I was wrong. I purchased my Gucci bag at the mall and according to the currency converter, it was only a few pounds price difference from London. BUT when I checked my bank account, it was a couple of hundreds of price difference. Haha! It was my birthday gift anyway…

We had the chance to see Emirates and Abu Dhabi mall, but it was nothing compared to the Dubai mall. It was quite boring and nothing so fancy.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


Nivetha Vijay





Christmas vibes.

Happy Monday!

It’s a frosty morning in London and winter is almost here.

I enjoyed my last coffee outside with my husband at my favourite coffee shop. It was super cosy with blankets, fairy lights, and Christmas cakes. I definitely felt the Christmas spirit, but it’s too cold to sit outside and enjoy.

We are near the end of this year. The time has flown away and it’s crazy! I will write about this years journey in next the couple of weeks.

I wish you all a good day.

Lots of love,

Nivetha Vijay

I had to cancel my flights.

I woke up early today and packed my suitcase before heading out to London.

I picked up a few things and rushed back to catch my train. I got an unexpected call from my dad. I was told that my brothers surgery was postponed and the date is not confirmed yet. I didn’t know what to say or how to react, but everything happens for a good reason. I guess? ..

I was super excited to see my family, but sadly I had to cancel my flights. Well.. I didn’t have any other option. As you may know, I was traveling on an emergency passport and this was my last opportunity. In case of an emergency, I will not be able to get a new one for five years. That’s the stupid law..

Hopefully, I will have my original passport soon, but I don’t know how soon. I sat down for a moment and had a thought. I decided to cancel today’s flights as I don’t want to risk anything, in any case.

It would have been nice to be home with my family and catch up with friends, but it will only be a short-term happiness. I’d rather stay patient and wait ..

Honestly.. I’m very emotional right now, but I know I took the right decision ..


Happy Wednesday,

I’m snuggled in bed with ginger tea while catching up with emails.

I managed to tick a few things from my to-do list. I also picked up my emergency passport on Monday which means I’m definitely flying tomorrow. Yey!

I need to pack, but I have a couple of things to do before that. I can slightly feel the stress from the back of my neck, but I guess I will be ok? ..

Anyways, I wanted to keep you all updated. I will catch you all soon 💗

Wish you a fabulous day!


Nivetha Vijay

I’m back.

Good morning,

I hope you all are good.

October has come to an end and it has been a super hectic month. This is why I haven’t been able to blog as much. Sorry, loves.

As I promised you all, I will get back to blogging slowly.

I’m going through a few changes including my body. I don’t know if you can see it or not, but I can slightly see my bones again. Haha! I’m getting ready for a few projects in December. Exciting!

Other than that, I’m going home to Oslo next week to stay with my brother at the hospital. I was worried as I don’t have my passport at the moment, but luckily the embassy approved for an emergency passport for the second time.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and to entertain my brother. We always create fun together, even at the hospital. Hehe ..

Just a quick update from me. I’m looking forward to connecting with you all again.

I wish you all a good day!

Lots of love,

Nivetha Vijay 

I’m getting there.

Good morning,

I hope you all are good.

I received tonnes of messages after my recent post, from all around the world.
I was truly amazed by the love and support I received. Once again, thank you all.💗

We booked a beautiful barn in Harlesmere and took a mini break from everything after our shoot on Sunday.

It was very calming and relaxing. We were surrounded by colourful trees, horses and birdsongs. I felt the peace from inside..

After our mini-break we returned back home to new projects, which are super exciting!

I cancelled the Paris Indian fashion week to do the Swayamvaraa wedding exhibition in London. I’m taking part of the fashion show as a designer. Yes! Loukiya will be on stage with our new and exclusive collections.

There’s also a big secret about this show, which I can’t reveal at the moment, but I’m pretty sure you will all go crazy.

And .. guess who is modelling for Rachel B Singh – Celebrity Makeup artist from India? She is very famous and does the makeup on Bollywood/Kollywood actresses like Nayanthara, Hansika etc.

I’m overwhelmed and I wish to thank Sinthuja, the director of Swayamvaraa for this amazing opportunity.

That’s all for now. I will share more when the time arrives.

“ Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. “

Nivetha Vijay


There are some days where you feel a bit low. I always try to push myself through the rough times but sometimes you need to take a step back.

To be honest, I have the tenders to overthink and stress myself out for small issues. They are not really issues, but I make it that way.

I rarely talk about my concerns to anyone. One thing I have is trust issues and the other is that I don’t like to fill my problems with others. I’d rather listen to theirs and take it with me. But whenever I feel very low, I force myself to open up to the closest friends or take a moment for myself.

I’m not feeling good today, but it’s ok to not be ok..

Nivetha Vijay