I’m relieved.

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Hi loves,

I hope you all are good.

Just a quick update!

Guess what came in the post today? MY PASSPORT! YES. I didn’t realise the value of a travel document before a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, I’m relieved now.

It’s 10 days until our first fashion show in London. We are super excited! There are lots of work and preparations to do, but it’s fun! I started to film the behind the scenes today and hopefully, I will be able to share everything with you all soon.

I also have a shoot with a very famous photographer the day after the show. You must have seen his work on your insta feed recently… Can you guess who? .. I will reveal more in my next post.

Time to relax in bed with green tea. I’ll catch you all soon.


Nivetha Vijay

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