I had to cancel my flights.

I woke up early today and packed my suitcase before heading out to London.

I picked up a few things and rushed back to catch my train. I got an unexpected call from my dad. I was told that my brothers surgery was postponed and the date is not confirmed yet. I didn’t know what to say or how to react, but everything happens for a good reason. I guess? ..

I was super excited to see my family, but sadly I had to cancel my flights. Well.. I didn’t have any other option. As you may know, I was traveling on an emergency passport and this was my last opportunity. In case of an emergency, I will not be able to get a new one for five years. That’s the stupid law..

Hopefully, I will have my original passport soon, but I don’t know how soon. I sat down for a moment and had a thought. I decided to cancel today’s flights as I don’t want to risk anything, in any case.

It would have been nice to be home with my family and catch up with friends, but it will only be a short-term happiness. I’d rather stay patient and wait ..

Honestly.. I’m very emotional right now, but I know I took the right decision ..

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