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Finally, I put my Dubai experience together for you all.

Dubai has become a must-see destination. This Middle Eastern city with its spectacular skylines, amazing architecture, luxury, and tradition.

I was in Dubai in August with my lovely family. We stayed there for almost 6 days and it was definitely one of our best experiences till now.

Our hotel was in the famous marina district and we had the stunning views from our suite.
I loved waking up every morning to the blue sea, palm trees, and high buildings. It was just breath-taking!

We were only 15-20 minutes away from the attractions, which was good. Honestly, we stayed in Dubai for a couple of days, but we had the chance to explore a lot. As this was a family trip, we had to respect each other and we tried to do ‘’ something ‘’ for all of us. We started the journey at the city of gold and ended the holiday at The Atlantis Palm.

Overall, this was an amazing holiday and a much needed one! Apart from the boiling heat, we enjoyed every minute of our holiday.

I hope you will enjoy my mini Dubai guide!


Dubai Marina

View from our room 

We stayed at Dubai Marina with breath-taking sceneries. Ah! I loved taking my brothers out for night walks around the marina. Those long conversations about life .. Yes, it was a touching moment. * Sigh .. *..


Grand Mosque

We visited the Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, which was a pure dream. It was beautiful and magical. I loved every detail of this mosque.


Burj Khalifa – The tallest building in the world

Dubai’s most iconic destination. The view from the top was spectacular and every second was enjoyable.

View from Burj Khalifa

Armani Hotel

A ‘’ few ‘’ floors down, you have the luxury Armani hotel. We enjoyed a good lunch and a cup of gold coffee with the amazing view of Dubai fountain.We had the chance to enjoy the water show from the hotel during daytime, but I have to say that it was more magical during the evening. It was very impressive!


Le Royal Meridien Beach

We took a small trip to the Le Royal Merdian beach, but it was way too hot. We went back to the hotel and spend a couple of hours at the pool. Haha ..


From the top

I got on a helicopter from Dubai Marina and enjoyed a 40 mins long tour around Dubai. It was truly an amazing experience with spectacular views from the sky.


Atlantis, The Palm

This luxury hotel is located on The Palm, a man-made island. This place reminds me of Disney. I don’t know why, but it’s magical.

We spent a good couple of hours here while waiting for my brother. He wanted to hire a Ferrari and drive around The Palm with a private chauffeur, which he got fulfilled.

I took the opportunity to explore the hotel and enjoyed our last dinner at the Atlantis before our flight back to Oslo.



THE SOAK – The city of gold

It’s Dubai’s old town. You can find lavish gold jewelry, fabrics, spices and traditional oud fragrances for good prices.

My mother loves gold and it’s not a secret. She spent a full day at the gold soak and I’m pretty sure it was heaven for her, but not for us. Me and my brothers were just sitting there for hours watching her. Fun, right?


One of the world’s largest malls. Dubai mall – a place like no other. You will find everything you need here. My favourite part has to be the fashion avenue. Gosh!

Armani Hotel 

Dubai Mall

To be honest, I thought shopping in Dubai would be reasonable, but I was wrong. I purchased my Gucci bag at the mall and according to the currency converter, it was only a few pounds price difference from London. BUT when I checked my bank account, it was a couple of hundreds of price difference. Haha! It was my birthday gift anyway…

We had the chance to see Emirates and Abu Dhabi mall, but it was nothing compared to the Dubai mall. It was quite boring and nothing so fancy.

I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


Nivetha Vijay





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