Photo by Velvet Dreams Photography | Makeup by Aishu Ram

Happy Wednesday,

The sun is shining in London today and it feels great.

It’s been a while, I know. I have been working a lot lately with our new collections and planning a couple of projects. The best is yet to come.

Apart from that, I decided to be more present in life. I was still good, but I want to be better. When you are on social media and running a business, you can easily spend hours on the phone, but I’m slowly changing that. Whenever I go to bed, I put my phone far away. It makes a huge difference in the morning and the day starts in a better way.

I have also ‘’ cleaned ‘’ through my platforms and removed unnecessary things. I guess I’m getting more mature now? Hm.

Anyways, I hope to be more active with my blog. I’m looking forward warmer days for outfits and fashionable posts. Until then, I will try my best to keep you all entertained during January blues.

I wish you all a bright day


Nivetha Vijay

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