A new chapter.

Hey loves,

I hope you are all good.

I’m trying to recover after a busy weekend in Paris. As you may know, we went to a family wedding on Saturday and it was definitely one of the craziest weddings I have been to. We had lots of fun with the family and enjoyed ourselves fully.

Not only that, it was nice to meet some of you at the wedding. Honesty, I didn’t expect that. My mum was a bit surprised when I arrived and some of you wanted to take pictures with me. Including a few boys and that’s cute! I’m truly grateful to meet you all and as always, you make me happy.
I’m blessed to have your support and love!

June is almost over and I’m excited for July. I’m turning 25 next month and that’s a bit crazy, but I’m ready for a new chapter in my life. We are slowly and officially starting to haunt for our first house in London. It’s a huge step in life and I’m not good with responsibilities, but I’m sure I will be able to tackle the challenges.

It’s strange how you change during the years and how your priorities change, right? There is many more to achieve before I can settle down fully, but I’m on the right way and my own way.

Anyways, I have to sit down and scroll through my emails and messages. There’s a few other things to do before I can relax today.

I wish you all a good week with strength and happiness. Keep the love.


Nivetha Vijay


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