A cup of coffee.

Happy Sunday!

The colours are changing and we are slowly moving into my favourite season, Autumn. Beautiful crispy, blue-sky mornings, snuggly oversized jumpers and endless amounts of coffees. Ah. Just love it! I’m really looking forward towards the next few months.

Before I can enjoy myself, I need to launch our new collections by Wednesday. I have been taking product pictures for the last couple of days and I still have three more collections to cover. God! My back is hurting, but that’s how it works. Nothing comes easy, right? By the way, I have an exciting project coming up in Paris. Once everything has been finalised, I will share more details with you all.

Other than that, I’m in process of writing my wedding blog. I will try to finish it off by the following week .. I promise. Oh yes, I haven’t forgotten about Dubai. There are lots of things to catch up with, but I’m trying to do my best.

Time to relax for a bit with my husband. I’ll catch you all soon.

I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.


Nivetha Vijay


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